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Garment quality

Both soft and strong, Crimp t-shirts are built to last. One of the key aspects to produce a high quality t-shirt is to use high quality fibers. The fabric Crimp t-shirts are made of is spun from fully combed cotton fibres which means the material is both soft to the touch and will have a long life. All our garments are
100% Organic or 100% Organic blend.

The workers who make the base t-shirts are protected under the FairWear Foundation, and it has been shown that happy workers make higher quality products. Every stage of our t-shirts manufacture is closely scrutinised to ensure you get a faultless product.


All of our t-shirts are hand printed to a high standard by skilled people here in the UK. The method used is called silk screen printing, which is a method renowned for producing long lasting, quality prints. We use OekoTex Standard 100 certified ink, which ensures that there are no toxins (and no PVC) going into the air when eventually the t-shirt breaks down at the end of its life. 
After printing the ink on the t-shirt is accurately heat cured at the right temperature and for the right time to ensure the both the robustness of the ink and that it is strongly bonded to the fabric - accuracy in this part of the process is key to ensuring a long life of the print.

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