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The source of the latest and greatest happenings in our little world
of all things climbing & climbing related.

Josh Baldwin sending his first 8a Crimp's young ambassadors - Profile of Josh Baldwin I'm a 19 year old climber who has been climbing for 4 years. I started climbing with my school and immediately fe... Read More
From indoor to outdoor climbing Crimp's young ambassadors - Profile of Luke Fletcher I'm 16 and I have been climbing for roughly 5 years. I was an indoor climber and part of the Surrey Sports Park... Read More
Sponsor a climbing adventure for a poor child URBAN UPRISING - charity for at risk young people Urban Uprising is a registered charity that funds climbing and educational programs for at risk young people.They h... Read More
Crimp Ambassador Luke Fletcher on his recent quest to North Wales We drove up on Friday during the day and when we got there went to go check out one of Rob's projects "roof of a ba... Read More
Climbing up Rio's mountain face Jonas' story: How long have you both been climbing, and how were you introduced to the sport? Jonas: I have been climbing for 3... Read More
CHALKbloc review of CRIMP clothing CHALKbloc ReviewWatch our video here!Although we would like to say here at CHALKbloc we are skinny toned 9A climber... Read More
Helping kids climb out of Rio's Shantytowns Two spirited climbers, Asa Firestone and Andrew Lenz, looked to change things for some of the kids in the poorer a... Read More
A beginners guide to rock climbing shoes If you're not familiar with Urbanrock, they sell around 30 different models of rock climbing shoes, have been ... Read More
We are Crimp! As you can probably guess, we love rock climbing, and we're passionate about climbing t-shirts. We're officially la... Read More


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