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CHALKbloc review of CRIMP clothing

HALKbloc's site stems from a passion for one thing: The climbing community. They created their site out from the love of climbing and wanting to add to the community. They approached us at CRIMP to put our clothing to the test!
BY:   Crimp       06/03/2015
CHALKbloc Review

Watch our video here!
Although we would like to say here at CHALKbloc we are skinny toned 9A climbers the fact of the matter is that we are all average joes.When it comes to climbing gear we need something that is not going to make us look like a sack of potatoes.

CRIMP-clothing to the rescue! This design is pretty cool.

The t-shirts come in a variety or colours. The sizes are good and actually fit as they should (it’s not often I get a nice fitting medium these days) ;-).The quality of the product is outstanding. The attention to detail is bar none. The labels have been worked and reworked so they have a soft feel.

It is really nice to see some original t-shirt ideas just for climbing. A number of other brands concentrate mostly on a logo and single pattern (no names being mentioned). CRIMP really take time on the design and look of the t-shirts and they are all printed right here in the UK.

At the crag we had a number of climbers asking about CRIMP and we told them everything!

CRIMP have style, They have comfort they even have a little thumbs up on the sleeve.

One thing we have not mentioned is the ethics behind the brand and what they support.

All of the stick at CRIMP is sourced through the FAIR WEAR foundation.

The FAIR Wear foundation ensure all of its items are ethically sourced. I would recommend a quick look at the following video to understand how this effects production and the quality assurance of your product. What it also does is lets you know that you can wear the garments with no guilt. CRIMP clothing are outstanding.

We really love the products and hope to see some more on the shelves soon.