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Climbing up Rio's mountain face

Jonas' story:

onas is one of the fortunate kids who learned to climb with Urban Uprising and the local climbing centre in Rio's Shantytown. Here is what he thinks about climbing and how it helps him in life.
BY:   Crimp       26/08/2015
How long have you both been climbing, and how were you introduced to the sport?
Jonas: I have been climbing for 3 years. I got introduced to the sport when CEU made a presentation at the surf school I was attending at the time. From there I started to climb with CEU, Centro De Escalada Urbana (Central Urban Climbing School).

What is the thing you enjoy most about climbing, and how is it different to the others things you do?
Jonas: I like the emotions I feel while climbing. I like the challenges its gives me and learning from those challenges and I like the company of the instructors and my climbing partners.
Its different from the other things I do in that although its is safe it also has more serious consequences if something goes wrong. Its also involves different techniques and is more complex than surfing or skating. It requires a lot more mental work. It also takes you to very different places.
Is climbing as good as football? ;)
Jonas: I prefer climbing, I play football a bit, but am not so into it.
It's a long climb up Salidas Ilusiones, did you have to do a lot of preparation for the climb? 
Jonas: I didn't do too much to prepare, I had been running on the beach and doing some longer hikes beforehand, as well as climbing longer route with the project. But in general I didn't prepare too much for this. 
Have you ever climbed this high before?
Jonas: No. 
Can you tell us a little about the climb, are there easier and harder sections, and can you give us any tips to climb it!? 
Jonas: The climbing isn't that difficult, but it is a long day out and very tiring. The approach was long and I arrived at the base of the climb tired already. For tips I would just recommend being in good shape and doing things to give you more endurance for a long day of climbing.
What was the most fun or exciting part of the climb for each of you? 
Jonas: The most exciting part was getting to climb a classic route outside of the city. I had never been up to the mountains and didn't even know there was so much climbing up there. It was a very beautiful place to get to know, very calm and far from any city. A more natural way of living, very different from living in a big city. I would like to go back.
What did it feel like to get to the top? 
Jonas: I was excited to finish the climb, I was tired though and ready to go back down to rest.
Was it a good view up there, what could see? 
Jonas: You can see all the way to Rio de Janeiro, which is very far away. You also have a good view of the other mountains in the area, including Pico Maior, which is the largest pico there. I want to go climb that one day.
Have you any more climbing trips planned?
Jonas: We are planning to climb Dedo de Deus (The Finger of God) sometime soon.
What do you think about CEU?
Jonas: For me it has been very helpful and I think it is a good project. Rock climbing is a different sport and something hard for poor people to have access to since the equipment is so expensive. C.E.U. opened the door to this sport for me, I would have never started climbing if it weren't this project. Now I really like it and have learned lots of things. I am taking better care of my eating habits and also think I have become a more patient person now that I climb.