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Luke Fletcher on his recent quest to North Wales

ere's how Luke's weekend went :-)
BY:   Crimp       13/04/2016
We drove up on Friday during the day and when we got there went to go check out one of Rob's projects "roof of a baby buddah" V10. After a while he sent it, and 5 minutes later I managed to get up it as well, this was a great surprise as before that I had only climbed 2 V8s, which psyched me up for the rest of the weekend! On the Saturday I spent the day working "Jerrys Roof" V9 and "Bus Stop" V8 and got very close to them both. We then went back on Sunday and I did Jerrys 3rd go and Bus stop 2nd go of that session. On Monday on the way home we went to the "Rwih Goch boulders" and we both sent "Badgers in the mist" and "Nazguls traverse" which both get V9.

Here's some great footage: