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Josh Baldwin sending his first 8a

Crimp's young ambassadors - Profile of Josh Baldwin

e're supporting Josh Baldwin, an 18-year old ambitious climber with a vision of how to develop his talent:
BY:   Crimp       09/11/2016
I'm a 19 year old climber who has been climbing for 4 years. I started climbing with my school and immediately fell in love with it. I am mainly a sport climber but love all types of climbing. I have climbed 8b sport so far. My lifetime goal is to climb 9a, but I have a lot of hard work to do to get there. Good job I love training then! 

At the moment I am on a gap year where I plan to go on some climbing trips and travel. In 2017 I will be going to Bangor university to study sport and exercise psychology and then hopefully get a job in that field once I have completed my degree. 

Really happy to have done my second 8a in cheddar on Friday. I have been trying it for a while on and off now and the hardest thing was getting the right conditions. It was either ridiculously hot or it was wet. The route is only 9 meters but it has a 7b boulder problem at the start, then a good hold and a hardish traverse to an easy top. The bit I found the hardest was a dead point move off two small crimps into a slot which always seemed to be wet (probably the reason I fell off there so much). On the send that move felt very very easy and the slot was dry!! Thanks to my sponsor Crimp for the support.

I am very happy to be supported by Crimp and think that their products are absolutely fantastic, I love their designs and the material their products are made with. I wear Crimps T-shirts all the time for training, climbing outside and everything in between.